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Our Spacewalk April 28, 2022 //Timelapse// (video)

Video gift from NASA astronaut Kayla Barron.

Fitting Spacesuit Gloves before Spacewalk (video)

Подгонка перчаток скафандра перед Выходом в Космос

Before each Spacewalk, the Elements of the Spacesuit are adjusted

Preparing a Spacesuit Glove for a Spacewalk (video)

Готовим перчатку скафандра к выходу в космос

We prepare a glove for Spacewalk. I sew on a glove a loop for a GoPro camera insurance. Result, loop it is sewn.

Spacewalk (EVA) (photo)

Expedition 56 Commander Drew Feustel and Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold of NASA switched their spacesuits to battery power at 8:06 a.m. EDT, signifying the official start of today’s planned six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station. Watch the spacewalk live on NASA Television.

Spacewalk Preparation (EV2) (photo)

Подготовка к выходу в космос


Spacewalk 50 (photo, video)

50-й юбилейный Выход в космос

Today Andrew Feustel and Ricky Arnold completed the spacewalk at 2:10 p.m. EDT, lasting 6 hours, 31 minutes. Start of today’s planned Spacewalk of our Friends and Crewmates

Spacewalk Preparation (photo)

Подготовка к Выходу в космос

“Гавайи” собрались на юбилейный Выход №50 Настроение перед Выходом отличное! Подготовка скафандра Рикки Установка средства спасения на скафандр Дрю Настроение перед Выходом отличное! Люк в шлюзовой отсек закрыт, Мэйкер – час до выхода на поверхность Размещение в шлюзовом отсеке “вальтом“

Extra-vehicular activity (EVA). March 29, 2018 (photo, video)

Внеплановый выход в открытый космос по американской программе 29 марта 2018 г.

Spacewalk Preparation (EVA) Spacewalk. March, 29, 2018 Norishige and Scott assisted the spacewalkers with robotic arm inside the ISS.

Cosmoselfie (photo)


EVA-39. After Spacewalk (Photo)

ВКД-39. После выхода в космос

“Orlan” is Super Space Suit!

Spacewalk (EVA-39), 18, 2014 (photo)

Работа на Выходе в космос (ВКД-39), 18 Августа 2014 г.

EVA-39 Spacewalk. Lock-Chamber Hatch opening, August 18, 2014 EVA-39 Spacewalk. Nanosatellite deployments, August 18, 2014 I’m Waiting for Sasha. Steve making our photos from the MIM we’re working at night… Left – Joining of Sockets. Right – We have a rest Alexander Skvortsov. The blue Ocean. Left – Safety Carbines. Right – Installation of the […]

The Sunset. Spacewalk (EVA-39), 18, 2014 (photo)

Заход солнца во время выхода в космос (ВКД-39), 18 Августа 2014 г.


Russian Spacewalk (EVA-39). August 18, 2014 (photo)

Выход в космос российского экипажа (ВКД-39), 18 Августа 2014 г.

Nanosatellite deployments        

Russian Spacewalk (EVA-39). August 18, 2014 (photo)

Выход в космос российского экипажа (ВКД-39), 18 Августа 2014 г

Lock-Chamber Hatch opening  

EVA 39. June 19, 2014 (video)

ВКД-39. 19 июня 2014 г.

About EVA 39

The Main Objectives of the Russian Crew Spacewalk (EVA-39) on August 18, 2014

Основные задачи выхода в космос российского экипажа (ВКД-39) 18 Августа 2014 г.

EVA-39 Cyclogram (rus) About the Objectives EVA-39 see  www.spaceflight101.com

Preparation to 39th Spacewalk (photo)

Начало подготовки к выходу в космос №39

Studying of Onboard Documentation, preliminary EVA Cyclogram. Talks with EVA Experts. Search of the equipment and tools for the EVA.

After EVA-38 (photo)

Работа после выхода в космос

Packing tool for storage. Removing spacesuit’s replaceable elements.

“Test” experiment data storage. After EVA-38. (photo)


Packing “Test” experiment’s results. Packing “Test” experiment’s results for return to Earth. Sampling from the window #2. EVA-38, June 19, 2014. The “Test” Experiment Scheme, June 19, 2014

June 19, Russian Spacewalk. EVA 38 (photo)

Выход в космос 19 июня. ВКД-38

About EVA-38 Video EVA-38 Before Spacewalk: Exit: We pose. respite few minutes (photo Maxim Surayev): From Docking module “Pirs”. Antenna installation. (photo Steve Swanson): Reinstallation of antennas from a farm on a beam: Work in darkness. Unscrew the locks farm “NASDA”. Unscrew the locks of a farm of “NASDA” (photo Maxim Surayev from the Cupola): […]

EVA 38. June 19 (video)

ВКД-38 (видео)

About EVA 38

EVA-38 Cyclogram. June 19, 2014. Video translation Spacewalk.

Циклограмма ВКД-38 (окончательная) на 19 июня 2014 г

Two Russian Cosmonauts are gearing up for a six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk on Thursday to install & reconfigure external experiment equipment and outfit the exterior of the Russian Segment of the International Space Station. Aleksandr Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev are planned to open the hatch of the Pirs airlock at 13:50 UTC to embark on their busy […]

Bonuses before the Spacewalk (фото)

Бонусы перед выходом в космос

Before Spacewalk we got a pleasant Bonuses.

June 14. EVA Preparations (фото)

14 июня. Подготовка к Выходу в космос

Replacement of an onboard oxygen cylinder in docking compartment. Replacement of an onboard oxygen cylinder in transitional compartment.

13 июня. Preparation for the Spacewalk (фото)

13 июня. Подготовка к Выходу в космос

We prepare a glove for Spacewalk. I sew on a glove a loop for a GoPro camera insurance. Result, loop it is sewn.

June 11. Preparation Spacewalk (photo)

11 июня. Подготовка к Выходу в космос

Medical control on the admission to EVA. Space suit adjustment for the operator sizes. Control of tightness of a space suit.

June 10. Preparation Spacewalk (photo)

10 июня. Подкотовка к Выходу в космос

Talks with experts on EVA cyclogram. Check of valves, preparation of transitional compartment for EVA. Preparation of a space suit for EVA, filling with water. Checking suit cooling water. Check valves – preparation of the docking compartment to the EVA. Preparation of transitional compartment and space suit for EVA

June 9. Continuation of Preparing for Spacewalk (photo)

Продолжается подготовка выходу в космос

We continue to study the EVA cyclogram. Assembled and tested AFD UCTS connectors. Laying of the AFD UCTS cables. Alexandr Skvortsov & AFD UCTS. Checking and laying equipment “Test” experiment. Tool laying in the Universal Portable Container. Video fixing of the collected equipment for check by experts on Earth.

Preparation for EVA (photo)

Циклограмма ВКД-38 (окончательная) на 19 июня 2014 г

Laying unused Space Suit on storage in the Service Module

Preparation for the spacewalk. Check of space suits. (photo)

Подготовка к выходу в космос. Дошла очередь до проверки скафандров

Hello, space suit No. 4… Preliminary survey… verdict – we’ll dry you at the weekend.