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Why are there no stars visible in space photography and video footage from the ISS? (video)

The question is often asked – why are the stars not visible in the photos and videos from space?
This is due to the peculiarity of the work of photo and video equipment and photosensitive materials – photographic film (in the old technique) and photosensitive matrices in modern digital cameras and cameras.

In the video, you can see how the video camera adjusts the shooting parameters (sensitivity, shutter speed, exposure) as the lighting changes as the ISS moves from the day side of the Earth to the night side and back to the day side.

The stars are not visible because in order to see them, you need to take long exposure shots that collect enough light to make the stars visible. However, when shooting from spacecraft, relatively short exposures are used, since the shooting takes place in motion, and even a small movement can significantly distort the image. In addition, photographs from space often capture objects on or near the surface of a planet, rather than stars. Also in the photographs there may be light from the solar panels of spacecraft, which makes it difficult to see dimmer objects in space.